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The "Reconctruction" рrogram with



Help Heroes Of Ukraine - it's a Charity Organization, founded on the next day after the Russians invade Ukraine, on Feb 25th 2022. Actually our organization was found is to provide intervention for the people of Ukraine during and after the war with Russia, protective equipment for the civilians and military fighting for their country, and tangible assistance to struggling families, elderly, refugees, handicapped people and people in danger in all regions of Ukraine, as well as those in all countries taking in and assisting refugees.


The organization is founded exclusively for charitable, religions, educational, cultural and scientific purposes. We will provide needed food and establish food banks and food distribution centers, shelter, access to medical care, clothing, and education for those displaced by this war.

Charity Fund "FOR A PEACEFUL SKY" together with Help Heroes Of Ukraine have a goal to help Ukrainians rebuild their damaged or destroyed homes, and engage partners and entrepreneurs in the vital areas of humanitarian support.

Learn more about the "Reconstraction" program.

$21 742

Charitable donations


Population centers


Buildings repaired


Citizens received help


Встановили вікна в 6-ти домівках міста Буча | БФ «ЗА МИРНЕ НЕБО»🕊
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