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Допоможіть родині Дмитра | місто Ірпінь | Благодійний Фонд "ЗА МИНЕ НЕБО"


city of Irpin

Dmitry's family lived in the garage, which he had handmade into a shelter with no electricity and heating for 10 days straight. The whole family miraculously survived, however still requires your help. Their house has damaged roof, walls, windows and household appliances. Despite everything, Dmitry's family continues to live there and hopes for the help from non-indifferent people. Ukrainians have repeatedly proved that they can penny by penny collect huge sums of money for the sake of the future. Let’s unite and help this brave family to renew their lives together.


Damaged roof – 150 m²

Damaged windows – 2 pieces

Amount needed – $4000

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