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Due to the full-scale war, a great need to eliminate the consequences of destruction and rebuild the demolished houses of Ukrainians has appeared in multiple regions of our country.

Since the full-scale war is still going on, we see the need for the gradual renovation of residential places for the citizens. Based on this, we’ve divided the process into the following phases:

1. "Elimination of Damage" during the war

2. "Renovation" during the war

3. "Reconstruction" after the victory.

4. "Building"


The war has caused considerable damage to the people of Ukraine, leaving them with destroyed roofs, broken doors, and windows. As a result, the living space for Ukrainians became uninhabitable. From day one of this war, without fearing the danger, we promptly started the first phase – "Elimination of Damage" – and helped our people through this tragedy. Thanks to the hydro-barrier membrane, we've managed to close the broken windows and doors and cover the roofs.

Damage has been eliminated in: more than 650 houses.


Since the first phase aims to temporarily, but promptly eliminate the damage, we simultaneously launched the "Renovation" phase, which consists of the installation and reinstallation of:

– Stationary windows (full-fledged double glazing for continuous use, typical for our area).

– Front doors.

– The roof, wooden frameworks, and thermal insulation in particular (hydro-barrier membrane from the first phase, steam resistant membrane, decking or metal roofing).

So, far we've renovated: 112 houses.


The main goal after our victory, as we see it, would be the complete reconstruction of the residential housing, that has been demolished, and these make the entire streets, neighborhoods, and towns.


This is an ambitious stage but we believe in our bright future and see the prospects for attracting investments into the Ukrainian construction industry which has been growing over the last years. We hope that our joint efforts could build a solid foundation for implementing the most ambitious projects in Ukraine, all the while rebuilding the country.